What 20-Minutes of Daily Exercise Does for the Body

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Take all the hype out of the exercise & think of it as brushing your teeth.
-Nicole Ari Parker (Actress)

There are going to be a few statistics in the post, because I feel it is an issue that needs to be addressed for our future. Per National Institute of Diabetes & Digestives & Kidney Diseases, 35.7% of American adults are considered obese.

What does this mean? Obesity highly increases the risk of: diabetes, heart disease, strokes, & ultimately shorter life expectancy.

Why does this matter?  Younger generations are following the footsteps of adults while living in a time where marketing bad processed foods to kids are at an all-time high.

20-Minutes of Exercise a Day to Save Your Health

Per The Mayo Clinic, it is recommended to get at least 150-minutes of moderate exercise every week.

  • Dividing the minutes equates to just over 20-minutes per day.
  • Moderate exercise is considered between 50-70% of your Maximum Heart Rate. Click HERE for a guide on determining Max HR.

What does the 20-minutes of Daily Exercise do for the body?

  • Efficient Heart Rate: During exercise, heart rate increases. By increasing the HR, this brings more oxygen to the heart. As the body gets adjusts to consistent exercise, heart rate efficiency improves over time. At periods of non-exercise (resting), heart rate will decrease as the heart becomes more efficient.
  •  Better Sleep: In a 2013 Gallup Poll, it estimated that an average American adult gets 6.8 hours of sleep each night. However, the recommended amount of sleep is between the 7-9 hour range each night. Per Mayo Clinic, exercise comes into play by supporting a faster & deeper sleep, but do not exercise just before bed time.
  • Lower Stress:  For unbiased reasons, this is my #1 factor for daily exercise. Instead of turning to food, alcohol, or tobacco, exercise is my form of stress relief.  Walking, running, playing basketball, etc. helps take out the built up stress in a productive and healthy manner.
  • Which brings us to the last point –
    • Exercise will make you Feel Better/Motivated/Accomplished which leads to Better Mental State & Increased Confidence   

It is important to remember that Exercise is only one component of Good Health.  Also eating a consistent balanced diet & drinking plenty of water supports a healthy sustainable life. Bad food & drinks can easily offset the benefits of good daily exercise.

Shoot for at least 20-minute average per day, or 150-minutes each week…it could save your life (REALLY).

-Make Today > Yesterday

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