Week 9: Running Log – SF Half Marathon

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Finally, a good week of recovery from the travel and cold that I was going through last week.  I fully recovered from the cold on Tuesday and slowly getting the endurance and fitness back.  The week started off feeling weak/slow, but finishing the week with a good hilly long run & quality time on the road bike.  Between now and the race week, I am confident the quality of training will improve so much compared to the last couple weeks. So here is this week’s plan:

Week 9
Monday: 3.5 miles easy
Tuesday: 6.5 miles moderate
Wednesday: 6 miles track – 4x400m, 1x800m
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: *12 mile long run
Sunday: **20 mile bike ride

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12-Mile long run: Breakdown by mile

Weekly Miles Tracker
 20 – Base Training
2:  15 miles
3:  22 miles
4:  28 – Real fun begins!
5:  37 miles
6:  28 miles – start of the hills
7:  36 miles
8:  24 miles
9:  28 miles

*12-mile Long Run:  A back & out course from Oakland to Berkeley with a good amount of hills.  I was just hoping to have a good run without looking at the pacing & to my surprise the overall pace was 8:05 minutes/mile.  On some of hilly miles, I even went below an 8-minute pace.  Next week, the long run will hopefully cover some parts of the actual race course.

**Bike Ride: Sunday morning was dry & cool. All the rain from earlier in the week already passed through (Bay area is supposed to have another storm come through in a few days).  Everything was ideal for a bike ride, so I had the chance for the first ride in 2017.

I started from home and made my way to Treasure Island via the Bay Bridge.  There was construction for the previous couple years on the bridge, so the bike route from the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island had been closed until recently. I highly recommend going to Treasure Island since there are amazing views of San Francisco and the bay. In total, the bike ride was an out & back 20 miles!


Riding on Treasure Island – Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Mood: Confident! Hoping the rough patch is all in the past now & looking forward to finishing the 2nd half of training weeks on a high note. I am super ecstatic the weather worked out today, so I could have my first bike ride this year. Here’s to finishing this week strong and making next week even better!


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