Week 7: Run Train Log – SF Half Marathon

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The wife & I are in San Diego this weekend for a family wedding & I am digging the vibe down here in SoCal!  As far as training, this week has been a “bounce back” week compared to last week.  I felt tired and drained last week, now I feel much better and ran more miles at a good quality. Also, Week 7 marks the halfway point to race day on March 26th, so glad I have made it to this point and still feeling fresh. So here is this week’s log:

Week 7
5 miles easy
Tuesday: 7 miles Track – 1 each of 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m. Recovery 400m in between sets
Wednesday: 6 miles moderate
Thursday: 6 miles moderate
Friday: Rest
Saturday: *12-mile long run @ 8:36 min per mile pace
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 
36 Miles

Weekly Miles Tracker
 20 – Base Training
2:  15 miles
3:  22 miles
4:  28 – Real fun begins!
5:  37 miles
6:  28 miles – start of the hills
7:  36 miles

*Long Run: From our San Diego hotel, the course was a back & forth to Balboa Park. Wow, the park is beautiful and can see why people like visiting here.  There were a decent amount of steep hills throughout the route, so last week’s hill training prepped me for all the elevation changes. Stunning park!!

12-mile long run time


Mood: Much better than last week when I felt trashed by all the hills.  Weekly mileage is creeping closer to the 40-mile mark, so I expect to go over in the coming weeks. Maybe the last few days in San Diego made the training much more enjoyable?!?!?
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