Week 6: Half Marathon Training (SF Half)

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It was eventually going to happen…start of Hill training! I had been dreading the hills since starting the training cycle. The SF Rock & Roll has not released the half-marathon course yet, but the probability is high that many hills will be a part of the fun run. Weather is still on & off rain in the area, but the training has not been effected so much by the weather this week. Maybe I am getting used to running in the rain?!?!

Anyways, below is the training log:

Week 6
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles easy hills
Wednesday: *6 miles Track workout, 4x400m, 1x800m
Thursday: 7 miles easy-moderate + Strength
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: **10 miles long run @ 8:26 min/mile pace
Sunday: Rest
Total: 28 miles

Weekly Miles Tracker
20 – Base Training
2:  15 miles
3:  22 miles
4:  28 – Real fun begins!
5:  37 miles
6:  28 miles – start of the hills

*Track Workout: 6 miles total – 3-miles roundtrip to/from the track. At the track, there were a 400-meter recovery lap between each repetition.  A shorter workout this week, with only 4x400m followed by 1x800m.  As far as pacing, each rep was about 80% effort (hard run). But, I did not have the Garmin GPS watch on for this workout.

**10-mile Long-run: In my previous 2 long runs, the courses were both relatively flat terrain. For this week’s run, I did a back & forth run from Oakland-Berkeley. If you see the featured image, it shows the elevation changes from start to finish. Basically, from the start to the mid-point, there is a gradually 400-feet incline then a 400-feet decline on the way back. After the run, my legs felt like jelly from all the up & down running 🙁


10-mile Hilly run: Mile analysis

Mood: A little tired…start of incorporating more hills into training means my body has to adjust to the vigors of the increased effort.  No injuries or anything, so that is a good sign.  Rest days are like Reset days, much cherished for me!

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