Week 5: Half Marathon Training (SF Half)

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The San Francisco Bay Area has been drenched this week with several days of rain.  There have been parts of the area that got flooded, lost electricity, & roads closed temporarily. I tried not to let the weather effect the training as much as possible, but there were some exceptions. For instance on Tuesday, I was planning to run a good amount of miles, but Tuesday happen to be the worst day for rain (it seemed like a good 20 hours of constant heavy downpour, yikes). No worries, I adjusted the plan. So below is my weekly log:

Week 5
 3.5 miles easy
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 6.5 miles moderate
Thursday: 7 mile *Fartlek run
Friday: 5 miles easy
Saturday: **12 mile long run (moderate) @ 7:52 min/mile pace
Sunday: 3 miles
Total Miles: 37 miles

Weekly Miles Tracker
1:  20 – Base Training
2:  15 miles
3:  22 miles
4:  28 – Real fun begins!
5:  37 miles

*Fartlek – This workout was created by the Swedish, with the word Fartlek meaning “Speed Play.” There are many variations to this workout, but the basic premise is changing up pacing between Fast & Slow throughout a run.  For my workout, the run was 7 miles total with the entire run consisting for 4-minutes Fast, followed by 3-minutes slow (keep on repeating).

I did not use the GPS watch for the workout, but I can assume the 4-minute Fast parts covered at least 1/2 mile each segment. The Fast part was not a full-on sprint but a pick-up speed of about 80% max effort, while the Slow was a recovery jog to let my body adjust.

**Long Run: Total 12-mile back/forth course from Oakland to the Bay Bridge & held a consistent 7:52 minute/mile pace over the entire run. There was a bit more elevation changes, which is nice because the actual SF Half Marathon course will have a lot of hills! I will need to gradually add more steeper hills into these long runs and short runs.

Luckily, the rain held out for the long run, but the temperatures were in the 30’s.  I really cannot complain because the rest of the country is much colder!


Week 5: 12-mile Long Run by mile

Mood: Ecstatic – I logged over 30+ miles in a week, this has not happened in a loonng time! But, still no time on the road bike which is great for cross-training…waiting until the weather is consistently dry 😐

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