Week 4: Half Marathon Training (SF Half)

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SF Bay area has been getting a decent amount of rain since yesterday (Saturday) & weather is expected to be fairly wet through next week! This makes running outside a bit more challenging, yet it does make for better preparation on race day.  This week’s training is off to a good start coming off the base training. I included more speed and a track workout. So here is the log:

Week 4
Tuesday: 5 miles easy-moderate
Wednesday: *7 miles; Track – 2x400m, 1x 800m, 1x 1200m, 1x 1600m
Thursday: **6miles easy + Strength
Friday: Rest
Saturday: ***10 mile long run (moderate) @ 7:50 min/mile pace
Sunday: Rest
Total Miles: 28 miles

*Track workout: 3 miles roundtrip jog to the track & 4 miles at the Track. Each interval was at fast run pace, then a 400-meter recovery lap. For example – 400m fast run, then 400m recovery lap (then repeat).

Workout was non-timed, based on effort which felt like 70-80% of maximum speed.  Effort is relative though – as I build more endurance and strength, I should feel more comfortable at faster paces. Right now, the effort is high for a slower pace since I just started training.  (FYI- 400meters = 1/4 mile)

**First time I used the Garmin 405 GPS watch since August 2015 & it still works!  This has been my trusted GPS watch since I started running in 2008 – great for tracking total time, pace, & distance. The watch will be used for long runs & possibly track/speed workouts.

During base training, I was not using a watch & basing the runs off how I was feeling…thinking I was at a 8:00-9:00 minutes/mile pace.  When I wore the watch on Thursday, the GPS pace was 7:40 min/mile! The run felt the same as the base training runs, so it is very encouraging to see the pace is better than expected.

***First long run of training: Ran the Lake course 3 times to account for the 10 miles.  It is a relatively flat concrete course with a few small rolling hills and trails.  However, the weather was in the 40’s with rain showers the entire time. Felt good the entire run & was aiming for a moderate run at 8:00 min/mile pace (Overall pace was 7:50 min/mile, score!)


10-mile Pacing analysis


Weekly Miles Tracker
1:  20 – Base Training
2:  15 – Base Training
3:  22 – Base Training
4:  28 – Real fun begins!

Mood: Happy this week was much better than last 2 weeks. I really want to ride my bike for the active recovery days, but with the weather expected to be gloomy for a while, I will have to do run miles instead.

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