Week 1: Half Marathon Training (SF Rock & Roll)

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Happy Sunday! So this is the first week of training for the SF Rock & Roll half marathon in March 2017.   Since it is the first week, I am building a base at this point to get my body adjusted to the physical demands. It will likely be base training for the rest of December…it’s an excuse for the holidays 🙂

Training Log
Mon: 3 miles
Tues: Rest
Wed: 3 miles
Thurs: Strength training
Fri: 6 miles
Sat: 8 miles
Sun: Rest
Total: 20 miles

All runs were at low to medium intensity: I sprinkled in a few 100-meter sprints to “surprise” the body.
Pacing: I did not wear a watch, so not exactly sure…maybe range of 8:00-9:00 minutes/mile.  I used to be rigorous with training in the past that I would have a GPS or timer watch for all the runs, but the last year or so I have not worn a watch during runs. It was more enjoyable not having to check the watch every 10 seconds.
Building more miles: This is just the first week, so taking it relatively easy for a few more weeks.  I typically do not like to count the miles & focus more on quality of the runs.  However, I will slowly add more miles per week as the training progresses, possibly doubling the miles of this week (at the peak of training).
LocationRunning outdoors in the SF Bay area, it has been a colder week here, but not compared to the rest of the country!  Yesterday’s (Saturday) morning temperatures was mid-30’s degrees when I started, it was not bad at all since I dressed appropriately.

Overall mood – Feeling good! I survived the first week and happy with the miles, just focusing on the quality and staying healthy!

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