Water Conservation & Entrepreneurship – IV #14

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Shark Tank - Tree T Pee

Some people like to binge watch on NetFlix, my guilty pleasure is watching Shark Tank clips in YouTube.  I came across this video recently and it felt so relate-able on for many reasons.

The Product

Meet farmer Johnny Georges, founder of “Tree T Pee” – a device that reduces water usage for growing farmed plants and trees.  With Johnny’s product, a tree that averaged 25,000 gallons of water per year, now only requires 800 gallon each year!

By nature – Johnny is more of a farmer and less of a business man.  His intentions are to help as many farmers as possible & conserve precious natural resources, instead of profiting from his products.  Given Johnny’s background, he stumbled a couple times through the sales presentation to the “Shark” investors.

The investors saw how much Johnny was genuine & believed his main intentions were to help fellow farmers.  One Shark pressed Johnny to raise prices significantly & Johnny stated he wanted to keep prices low to help farmers survive.  Eventually, one of the Sharks stepped up and offered a deal to Johnny!

Being a social entrepreneur is more than running a small business, it is also taking actions to help the community.  I commend people like Johnny who realize sustainability is an essential part of business.

Please watch the entire video, this is one of the most feel-good ones I have seen!

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