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mountain Over the years, I have put in thousands of flyer miles all over the world. In the beginning, I was less experienced on the whole preparation for travel (packing, timeliness to the airport, etc). But, I eventually picked up on a few habits that made traveling a little easier, whether for road trips or long-haul flights.

Below are a few of my compiled goods that have been useful for my travel needs & continue to use today. Enjoy:

TSA PrecheckThis is a recent finding for me, as I recently registered to be a TSA Precheck flyer earlier this year. While there is a cost of $85, this covers 5-years of membership. Registration process is fairly simple, but requires patience…1) Fill out an application online, 2) schedule a TSA appointment for an interview/payment/picture (TSA offices are located at some airports & also other satellite offices).

The appointment step takes a little patience, so provide ample time for this step. My experience with the interview was easy, they just asked about where I live and what form of payment I will be using…they could ask more, depending on the office.

Ultimately, TSA will provide a KTN (Known Traveler Number) that you will include with your frequent flyer program and/or boarding pass.  This allows you to use the expedited security line at the airport, which includes no removing the laptop, liquids, or shoes. Some times the wait for TSA Precheck is same as the regular security line, but in most cases the TSA Precheck line is so much faster!

Gear Time – I minimize the amount of stuff when I take a trip, but the following gear are excellent space savers & necessary for the “just in case” moments.

GoToob Liquid Containers: I purchased a set of 3 about 8 years ago and still using the same set. Highly durable! These are perfect for lotions, face washes, and other toiletry liquids.

Because the GoToob’s are 3oz., it is carry-on size compliant.  Also BPA-free which is an important call-out for anything plastic.


ebag eBag Packing CubesIt is hard to remember life without these Packing cubes, because they are the ultimate space-saver & organizer for luggage.  In a set of 3 each cube is a different size, so each can be used for a different set of clothes, gear, food, etc.

The cubes are very lightweight and do not take up space in the luggage. Basically, these have been not only a space-saver but a Life-saver for me as well!


ALPS Travel (Camping) Compact Pillow:  When I stay at hotels, the pillows are often too bulky for me which causes neck pain the next day. Given that I have history of lower back pain, having a proper pillow is needed for me.

Though the intended use of this pillow is for camping, it can also be used for overnight stays *Not* under the stars!  The pillow rolls up very compactly and can be placed in luggage with minimal amount of space. If you have spinal issues or pain, this is a great travel companion for sleeping.

greenkitFirst Aid KitAccidents happen, that is inevitable!  Whether in a plane, on the road, or at the hotel, you never know when a medical issue may happen.  I started packing a kit a few years ago at the advice of a co-worker who had kids.

The co-worker (a parent) said you never know what your kids will get into!   At the very least, pack a few different sizes of bandages, pain relievers, & medical tape.
The wife and I are flying back home tomorrow & I definitely have all the above with me!  What are your travel must-haves??? Let us know!

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