Training Plan for a 1:36 Half Marathon (Intermediate Level)

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The half marathon race has been become a distant memory & the many weeks of training are now over as well.  For a race that took place in late March, I started training back in December 2016. In total, 15 weeks were dedicated to this race. Though admittedly, the initial 3 weeks were fairly relaxed because of the holidays (I ate a LOT). That said, below is how I achieved a 1:36 half marathon time (7:24 minute/mile pace)…

Modest Health - SF RnR Results

Modest Health – SF RnR Results


  • In 15 weeks of training, total added to 412 miles
  • Averages to just over 27 miles per week
  • Longest run was 14 miles (ran much of the actual course)
  • Shortest run was 3 miles (Lake course near my apartment)
  • Start Weight (December 2016): 179 lbs, 16% body fat
  • End Weight (March 2017): 169 lbs, 13.9% body fat

The training helped shed a few unwanted holiday pounds and supported getting back into a healthier lifestyle. In the next post, I will expand more on the weight and physical changes.

Training Plan

Modest Health-Training Plan

1/2 Marathon Weekly Plan

I only logged the actual number of miles for each training run, but did not record the pace.  For this training, I wanted to base each run on effort instead of looking at a GPS watch to determine the effort. For any run labeled as “Moderate,” the pace felt like in the low 8-minute per mile pace. The “Easy” runs were closer to the low 9-minute per miles pace.

As for the race goal, this was not a top priority race where I would focus more on the pace, effort, & total miles for training.  With everything going on last year, I wanted this race to help get me back in shape.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the finishing result. I honestly was targeting a low 1:40 finish because of how hilly the course was, so I will gladly take a 1:36 any day!

Disclaimer: If you are building a training plan, do what feels right for you. Do not use my training plan as a concrete plan…each person’s fitness & other factors are different. Consult with a coach or trainer to decide the right plan for you!

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