Time for Change – IV #11

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Inspiring Boston Runner

Earlier this week – I wrote about 2 important events that happened to me: Health Issues & Boston Marathon.  With this week’s video, I was able to relate to what the man was going through in the video.  The man had ambitions to be better in three different ways:

  • Health: Improve Nutrition & Lose a significant amount of body weight
  • Passion: Goal to run the Boston Marathon
  • Love: Raise awareness & funds for his niece for who has cystic fibrosis

In this short 5-minute video, the man who started overweight transformed into a complete healthy person within 9 months.

What motivated this man to change his life? It was the goals noted above – his willingness to change for the better & also his selflessness to help others.  Aside from the physical improvements, being able to breakthrough and meet your goals are impressive achievements.

If you believe you can be better, then just take the actions to be better.

Make Today > Yesterday


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