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Theater of Life

A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Green Film Festival showcased the movie – Theater of Life. Coincidentally, the documentary movie happened to be showing on Earth Day (April 22) and the movie theater was packed.  Theater of Life wonderfully brings together the elements of: Food, Sustainability, & homeless awareness.

The Plot

The movie takes place in Milan, Italy during the 2015 World Expo.  Chef Massimo Bottura (a 3-star Michelin of Osteria Francescana) is the main character, who had a vision of feeding the homeless population of Milan.  During the World Expo, the event attracted visitors from every continent which included world-class chefs as well.  The Expo also created a large amount of unused and leftover food at the conclusion of each day.  Chef Massimo found a solution to address the food waste and feed the homeless.

A pop-up soup kitchen was established during the World Expo, helping to feed those in need of a meal.  A unique aspect of the soup kitchen was featuring world-class chefs from around the world while they were in town for the Expo.  The ingredients used came directly from the Expo every day – the same exact food that would have been thrown away if not for Chef Massimo.  The chef went to extraordinary lengths to create a soup kitchen featuring the best chefs on the planet.

While the food was one part of the documentary, the other part followed a few of the patrons from the soup kitchen.  Some of the patrons lived on the streets, others were either low-income or refugees.  In my opinion – telling the stories of these patrons was more touching than the food aspect.  The only thing these patrons wanted was a better life – either for themselves or their children.  Yes – some of the patrons made mistakes in the past, but are now trying to be better people in the present.

Theater of Life is not a food movie, it is a love movie.  Chef Massimo used food to convey his love for others…he had a mission and did whatever was possible to gather the right people to make the mission a success: other chefs, volunteers, & the patrons.

While many of us are fortunate to have our current lifestyle, there are others that may need a helping hand.  Volunteer at a non-profit and you will have perspective about life.  If you can find Theater of Life playing near you, I highly recommend taking the time to watch! See the trailer below:

Theater of Life – trailer from Leap Frog Films on Vimeo.

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