The EPA has been Silenced

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If you have checked the EPA social media pages in the last few days, you may have noticed a lack of updates on their pages.  The sudden stop of media posts is not due to a vacation for their social media team, but the new administration has placed a ban on updates to all social media accounts. In addition, there is also a stoppage for allowing the EPA to award new contract and grants.


EPA Twitter Page – Last update on Friday, January 20th

The EPA has been well known to broadcast their latest news and responses multiple times each day, yet that has not happened in almost a week.  The ban goes beyond social media as well, with EPA employees being barred from speaking to members of the press.  This includes issuing new press releases, taking questions from reporters, and distributing new study findings.

Per EcoWatch, the EPA was also advised to remove the climate change webpages from their site. As of this writing, the page remains active, but could be taken down at any time.  While the justification for the sudden stop was that media blackouts do occur during transitions of administrations, similar agencies like the Department of Agriculture & Department of Health & Human Services are facing similar bans.  The agencies and departments have a similar theme of protecting public health and face the harshest bans among all the cabinet departments.

Bans like these prohibit the governmental agencies to do their work efficiently and communicate with the public. However, the one person (President) who is not under a social media ban continues to fire off new tweets by the hour.  In fairness, please allow the agencies to do their job to the best of their ability. Media blackouts means the public cannot be informed of new updates on research, laws, & studies the EPA are responsible for.

On a side note, EPA nominee Scott Pruitt continues to wait for the confirmation by the Senate to be the EPA lead administrator.

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