Surprise Gift for a Son – IV #9

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Inspirational Video #9

What happens when you lose a loved one at a young age? In this video, a young man named Tanner lost his father when he was a child.  Tanner’s father was a sheriff deputy who tragically lost his life in the line of duty.

After Tanner lost his father, Tanner collected every material possession that his father once owned.  Items like a motorcycle jacket that Tanner’s father wore on the day he died were some of the cherished items that were collected.

One key item that Tanner looked to possess was the his father’s police car.  During an auction where the car was to be sold, Tanner made every attempt to bid on his father’s car until he reached his maximum budget.  The car was valued at $12,500, yet the winning bid was landed at $60K.

When the man who won the car accepted the car keys, the man immediately turned to Tanner and handed the keys to him.  Tears immediately ensued.  A complete stranger spent a good amount of money on the car and just handed the car over to Tanner.  Simple act of kindness that meant so much to Tanner and his family. Watch the video for the full story:

Surprise Gift Video


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