Starting 2017 (3-weeks early)

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Can you tell I’m excited?!?!? This may be the first post, yet there is so much to talk about –


Is this how you post??? LoL

Starting a new year usually means starting a new list of resolutions, but why wait until January 1st to start refreshed? Early bird gets the worm, so let’s do it!

Goal #1: Modest Health! THANKS, you are helping me achieve my goal! There are going to be many posts about various things, including but not limited to: sustainability, fitness, healthy eating, travel, & so much more!

Goal #1a: Get fit (again) 2016 was a jam packed year of events, most ever in my life. No complaints for anything, but I’m not “in shape” compared to the past. There are going to be lots of ways to get that shape back, just have to stay motivated!

Goal #1b: Be successful, yeah it’s vague. To clarify, this does not mean $$$ = success (at least to me).  How I define success will be – did I end 2017 better than it started? That means a lot of factors: state of physical health, family & friends, life events, promoting sustainability, etc.

Goal #1c: Learn to sing & dance. At our wedding last month, I realized how terrible both skills were for me.  I NEED to up my game to regain some respect that was lost from family and friends. 

If you are reading down to this point, you see technically that there is really 1 parent goal…Modest Health encompasses how I plan to document the journey, in hopes that at least one person will 1) learn from my experiences, 2) get a good laugh at my expense, and/or 3) understand that Health is more than a physical trait, it means how we improve ourselves and the world we live in. To a glorious 2016 & a Happy NEW Year!!!

Make Today > Yesterday,

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