Sportsmanship is More than Winning – Inspiring Video #6

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Sports can get pretty competitive – the players and coaches get caught up in the moment, spectators go crazy with excitement, & emotions sometimes catches the best of people.  In that moment when pure hysteria and excitement arrive, it is hard to realize there is so much going on around when you are focused on that one moment.

In this video, two high school baseball teams are competing for the State Championship. Down to the point where the next score will be the final score of the game. That is just what happened as the pitcher gave up a hit & the scoring team wildly celebrated as their player touched home plate.

In all the madness of celebrating and crying, the winning team’s catcher sees the opposing team’s pitcher laying on the ground in agony. Knowing that the pitcher worked so hard to save his team despite falling short, the catcher went over to check if the pitcher was alright.  Instead of the catcher celebrating with the rest of his team, he went to console the losing pitcher by himself. This was a true act of sportsmanship.

In a world where we see professional sports players often disrespecting each other and getting into fights, these two high school teams showed how respect should be for everyone.

Showmanship @ Baseball Game Video

In life, let’s remember to respect each other regardless if we are on the same team or not.

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