Small & Easy changes for a Greener Home

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There are simple home “hacks” that can be quickly made to conserve energy and reduce waste. The list of Green tips are endless, so here are 5 quick tips to consider:

Thermostat Control – When at home, find the temperature settings that is comfortable for the family. But, when everybody is away from the home, either turn off the Air conditioning/Heater, or change the temperature to a lower setting.  This will help reduce cost of the monthly energy bill & reduce energy usage all together.


Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Changing light bulbs can be a big hassle when every room in the house has multiple light bulbs.

The advantages of energy saving light bulbs vs. traditional bulbs are enormous.  While there is a small added cost of Energy Savers, these bulbs use between 20%-80% less energy translating to a lower energy bill. In addition, the Energy Savers on average last 3-25 times longer than a traditional bulb…less changing of the lights!

Unplug/Turn Off unused electronics – Turning off the computer, televisions, and other electronics along with unplugging devices that are not being used will help in reducing the energy bill and conserve energy usage.  It is estimated this tip alone can save between 5%-8% on the energy bill.



Recycle & Compost bins – Landfill garbage is growing at an alarming rate…by 2025 (less than 10 years from now), garbage is expected to grow by +70%.

Every household can do their part by diverting waste through recycling, reusing, & composting efforts. Whether living in a home, condo, or apartment, have at least a recycle bin & compost bin if available in your area.

Also, reduce & eliminate waste that are detrimental to human health, such as styrofoam. This product consists of plastic compounds that leaks into foods while consuming.

Carpool – Instead of driving individually, reduce driving by commuting with others.  The more vehicles on the road means more pollution & smog in the atmosphere. Whenever possible, reduce the number of car trips! Carpooling is a great option to reduce car usage.
Hopefully, this five tips are simple ways to help in having a Greener household. Have any tips??? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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