Passion over Nerves – IV #10

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Glossophobia – Fear of public speaking

Did you know the public in general fears Public speaking more than Death?

In this video, X-Factor (the music talent show) was auditioning to find its next big star. For one young gentleman, this would be his chance to live a dream. However, his nerves and other external pressures got to him before he could make it on stage.

What factors were holding him back?

  • Size of the audition crowd: Thousands of other worthy people also competing to win the crown
  • Himself: At the 0:50 second mark, he mentions about the multiple times the application was completed, but was ripped up instead of being submitted
  • Discouraging People: The man was hearing voices from other people telling him that he was not good enough

How did he overcome the pressures?

  • Support System: The man’s nana (grandmother) is the most important person in his life & also his greatest supporter
  • Follow his Passion: Singing is this man’s passion & once he was able to sing, everything else was forgotten in that moment…All the negativity and doubt vanished; all that was heard was beautiful music.

It does not matter what others think of you, it only matter what you think of yourself.  Surround yourself with supportive people & that is what will carry you to success.

Watch the video here

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