ORGANIC Labels at the Grocery Store

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When you go grocery shopping these days, you may notice that more products are being labeled with an Organic call-out.  This is no surprise, as nearly 70% of all US Households have purchased a certified Organic product within the last year.  Major food companies have also taken notice of the trend, leading these larger corporations to acquire smaller organic-based companies.

Did you know there are various levels of Organic Food labels?
Here are the labels & seals to look for next time you are out grocery shopping:

organic-seal 100% Organic: Label speaks for itself, as all of the ingredients are certified organic. Foods with this call-out are able to use the Organic seal or simply say “100% Organic”

Organic: If you see the Organic seal, the food comprises of 95% or more organic ingredients.  The remaining 5% must also adhere to certain rules too (one of the rules is no GMO’s)

“Made with Organic” label: A callout with this label means that between 70%-94% of the ingredients are certified organic, while the remaining ingredients must follow certain rules as well.  Products with this label are not allowed to use the Organic seal.

If there are products that contain less than 70% organic, then no labels or call-outs are allowed. However, the ingredient label can state “Organic xxx” ingredient in the back of the product.

Sound confusing???  It is. Even when I chat with organic food experts, they agree there are a lot of details in defining this area of food. Imagine what it is like for parents shopping for their families!

Whether the product has an Organic label or not, there are many different types of labels that use buzz words for marketing purposes to promote a healthy & clean-label perception.  As consumers, we should be able to trust the food companies, but it is best to continue to do your homework.

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