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What happens when life does not go the way you want? Or, what if you had no control of your living conditions or what your parents do? Across the world, this is an issue for millions of children who are raised in areas that provides little chance of being successful in life.

In the case of Johnny Huynh, he grew up in a Brooklyn neighborhood where violence was the norm while his parents were both gang members.  Growing up in this environment, Johnny also fell into the traps of the neighborhood life…doing poorly in school, partying too much, & hustling whatever he could.  This is how life started for Johnny, but eventually something snapped and he realized life needed to change. Johnny was able to find a mentor at the restaurant he worked at & learned the ropes of the business.

By sheer hard work & focusing on a living a better life, Johnny was able to successfully open a restaurant on his own, Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen (named after his grandmother who raised him). In 2015, his restaurant was voted the #1 Vietnamese Restaurant in NYC by Epoch Times.

For Johnny – life started rough, but he found the path to his success.

Johnny Huynh Video


If you feel a struggle in your life, there is always a way out to somewhere better.

Make Today > Yesterday

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