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nwm7 When I left the prior job last summer,  I also left behind one of the greatest employee perks (IMHO) – the free ONSITE GYM!  It was a pretty stacked gym too – weights, spin bikes, climbing wall, yoga studio, & FREE personal trainers! But I have no regrets, as I was off to take on a few new endeavors.

What I did have to do afterward was find alternatives to getting effective workouts outside the gym.  One of my first thoughts was signing up for a membership at a local gym, but I reconsidered when seeing how overcrowded and stuffy the closest gym was.  I already live next to a huge lake with a 3-mile running trail around the perimeter, so the “natural” treadmill is already taken care of. Now, I needed to find strength training workouts that would be challenging and not routine.  After a couple weeks of just doing push-ups and ab crunches, the workouts get a little boring. So I turned to YouTube, which has an abundance of content for at-home & no weights needed workouts.  These are my favorites so far:

Upper Body Workout
[youtube] What I like about the above workout is a) only 10-minutes, b) very effective, you will be sore if done correctly, c) no weights needed! Because no equipment is needed and only takes a small amount of time, it is perfect for home or quick workout while traveling.

[youtube] Ab workouts can get routine with continuous crunches, but this video above is not-at-all routine!  What I like most is the effectiveness of each exercise, then in-between recovery time is active (meaning you go into a cardio exercise to keep the heart rate up).

Combined, these 2 video workouts is a modest 15-minutes of time commitment. If I have more energy, I would repeat the cycle of either video.  As for leg workouts, my running regimen keeps the legs strong, but I will eventually start adding squats and lunges into the race training.  There is plenty of good workouts on YouTube, so explore what is available for you!

It is the holiday time, but there is always time for a little workout to get the blood flowing. You just need to be motivated to get moving!

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