NFL Ratings Down, Life Satisfaction UP!

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football-stat Per Bleacher Report, viewership during NFL 2016 regular season decreased by -8% from the previous season.  While this decrease seems like a relatively small number, let’s put this in perspective:

  • An average 2016 regular season game declined by 1.4 million viewers per game
  • 256 games during the season
  • In total, viewership decreased 358 million views during the season.

It is safe to believe that a few million people choose to do something other than spend hours in front of a television through the course on the regular season (September-December 2016).  In only one-third of a calendar year, 358 million viewers turned to something else to fill their Sunday time!

Over the past years, the NFL has received scrutiny over player safety, particularly with head concussions.  While football remains as entertainment value, it has also become a heated topic regarding the long-term health & safety of the players.  An increased number of football fans have started to distance themselves from the game, questioning whether head trauma will result in the decline & integrity of the game.

The NFL administration has been on the defense for quite some time now. The NFL players union & individual players have filed lawsuits against the NFL.  Settlements have been agreed to, yet the damage is done.

The Fans
Have viewers become less interested in watching the game? Yes, and the numbers proves this is happening.  Perhaps, the passive and some loyal viewers are finding more productive things to do on their weekends.  Enjoying time with their family & friends, working on their homes, or exploring the great outdoors are a few events which likely increased during the latter parts of 2016 for these NFL viewers. It is a trend that hopefully will continue to rise – less TV time, more LIFE satisfaction.

Increase of Outdoor Time
In December 2016, President Obama signed off on the Outdoor REC Act which will make outdoor (recreation) activity statistics a part of calculating the national gross domestic product.  By signing the Act into law, this represents the growing importance of the outdoor recreation industry for the US economy.  The rate of outdoor recreation increases each year, proving that more households are seeking time to enjoy time with nature.

How big is the US outdoor recreation industry? $646 billion annually and growing. With this significant amount of spending, this signifies more consumers are enjoying the outdoors + more workers are needed to support the demand of the Great Outdoors! Win for Nature!!!

While there may be an indirect relation to the NFL ratings decline & Outdoor activity increase, this is a positive sign that more people walking outside to enjoy their weekends.

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