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Grizzly Peak 2016

One of the goals on my 2017 to-do list was to get fit again, and what a perfect way to do that by signing up for a half-marathon (13.1 miles)!  Now, I have run this distance before (plus a few other distances), but a) it has been a good amount of time since I have run this far, b) last time I ran this distance, it was not a full effort.

So this time around, a couple things are going to change:
– Focused training schedule with workouts
– Emphasis on cleaning up the diet
– 100% effort to get it done!

Q: Which race will I be running?
A: The San Francisco Rock & Roll Half Marathon on March 26, 2017

Q: San Francisco has a lot of hills, right?
A: YES! See picture below, this is the elevation profile of the 2016 course. Lots of changes with the elevation over the duration of the half-marathon distance. The 2017 course has not been released yet, but it likely will have just as many hills!
With the race just over 3+ months away, this provides ample time to get a decent base training period & then start building strength and speed endurance.  Not sure what that last sentence means??? I will explain on later posts!

Barring any injury, I hope to have a successful training cycle over the next 3+ months.  I will be posting weekly fitness progress & summary, so you all get an idea what I have been doing.  So please join me on the journey to finishing a full effort half-marathon!
Any tips, let me know!

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