Never Give Up – Inspiring Video #4

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During the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, the Track & Field events created one of the most inspirational moments of the Games which is still talked about today.

Derek Redmond was representing Great Britain 400-meter men’s semifinal. Nearly halfway into to race, his hamstring gave way causing him immense pain to where he had to stop.  Derek’s dream of winning an Olympic medal faded within seconds, yet his main goal of finishing the race was still in hand. Despite being limited to only limping as this point, his father (watching from the crowd) jumped onto the track to assist and support his son.

With the help of his father, Derek’s goal of finishing the race was accomplished. While Derek probably only thought his father was only trying to help at the time, the moment went viral capturing the hearts of the world.

Never give up on what you want to accomplish & having support along the way never hurts! Enjoy!

Derek’s Olympic Moment Video


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