My Greenest Moments of 2016

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img_6563 Hello – 2016 has been an action packed year, with travel, marriage, & work! Throughout this whole year, I have taken a conscious effort to enhance the sustainability in my life.  There are quite a few ways that I have improved, so this list are just a few of the things I have done to simplify my life. Here you go…

1. Drive Less, Bike More
Living in the San Francisco Bay area, it is an urban area where many of shops, grocery stores, & parks are all within a close proximity to each other.  Previously, I was using the car to drive everywhere around town, but I realized that so much driving was not needed. I purchased a nice Fuji commuter bike a couple years ago that was not getting much use, but that immediately changed earlier this year.  Along with running errands close to home, the bike also is a great way to get a nice workout too! Also, when I left my previous job this year, I was allowed to work remotely which meant no more driving to an office.  All in all, with using the bike more & no more commute, my fossil fuel impact has been reduced dramatically.

2. Donate to Goodwill
I have always been good about donating to various non-profits, whether financially, volunteering, or clothes/goods.  This year, Goodwill received more than what I usually average give in a year…my wife moved in with me over the summer, so I needed to transform the bachelor pad into a couples pad 🙂  Let’s just say a good amount of my clothes, furniture, & other home stuff was generously given to Goodwill to make room for the new roommate!

By donating goods that are still in great condition, it diverts these goods to be reused again by others, instead of finding a home at a landfill.

img_82653. More eating @ Home
Last year, I knew that I was eating at restaurants more than I should…either by networking with co-working/clients, going out with friends, or stopping by a fast food restaurants after work, there was more eating out than I should have done.

This year, I made it a point to eat out less and make more meals at home.  Instead of going to restaurants, I was buying more groceries from farmers markets & other local grocery stores.  By doing this, my cooking skills improved, health was getting marginally better, & I controlled what goes into the food.

4. ModestPlanet!
A dream of starting an eco-friendly company that supplies bamboo toothbrushes & wood razors, which gives consumers more green options vs. conventional plastic!

5. Starting this blog
Ten years ago, I knew nothing about Sustainability. Today is a different story! Through working for Organic Food companies & being surrounded by people who live the lifestyle, I slowly learned more about what it involves & impact on society.  My life with sustainability has evolved from knowing nothing to what it is today…By starting this blog, hopefully it can provide advice/tips to enhance a “green” life for others & start a dialogue about our environment.

Cliche – If I can do it, anyone can do it!  Make Today > Yesterday

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