In early 2016, I started a company named ModestPlanet. Though it was started in 2016, the idea had begun well before becoming an established company.  Here is a rundown of how the idea/dream of ModestPlanet became a reality…

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Over the last 8 years, I have worked at organic food industry. During this time, I started learning about the concepts of Sustainability.  Basically, actions we take now will either help or hurt the environmental and community factors. For example, organic farming is a positive part of environmental sustainability because the farming process of organics does not use toxic chemicals and pesticides. Ultimately, this farming method helps keep foods and soil free from chemicals that degrade the environment, which helps ensure a positive long-term future.

As I learned different parts of Sustainability, I started applying these to my life…eating more organic foods, riding my bicycle for commuting, & finding eco-friendly alternatives to conventional materials.

The ModestPlanet Idea

Plastic is one of the conventional materials that is EVERYWHERE, yet not a sustainable material in the environment.  Plastic on average takes over 450 years to decompose in the environment, exceeding the average human life expectancy by over 5.7 times!  Some plastics are recycled, while most of material ends up as litter, in landfills, or floating in the ocean.

As I was finding ways to cut down on plastics, I came to realize a lot of my personal care items consisted mainly of plastic material! My toothbrushes and razors were made mostly of plastic, due to the fact that this is the primary option available in the mass market. This is where the idea of ModestPlanet sprouted from.

After some thorough research, I found that bamboo toothbrushes were available. Bamboo was a great alternative to plastic, as it is compostable material and is a natural grass fiber that is in abundance.

That said – with a lot of effort, motivation, & patience, ModestPlanet became a reality during the Spring of 2016!!!  There are up’s/down’s/left’s/right’s when starting a new opportunity, yet It has been a rewarding ride so far!

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