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In Spring 2016, I started a company which provides eco-friendly versions of toothbrushes & razor blades. That company is ModestPlanet & it has been just over a year since the company went from idea stage to a reality.

Fast forward to about a month ago – I received a random email from Wiki EzVid which stated the following… (Bold is my emphasis)

“Dear ModestPlanet,

Greetings from Los Angeles. We’re writing to let you know that ModestPlanet has achieved a rank of #5 in our wiki of 2017’s best bamboo toothbrushes. Compiled with twenty-five hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in our bath category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of bamboo toothbrush options available to consumers in the United States.”

What an honor!!!

Within 1 year of starting business, ModestPlanet has already received an honor from the industry.  This news was very much a surprise for me, as we did not send out any product or information to any companies.  Wiki EzVid took it upon themselves to procure various brands of bamboo toothbrushes and then compile their objective ranking.

Needless to say, starting a business is hard work and there are days when it becomes very tough and challenging. But, it is notices like what Wiki EzVid sent that are spontaneous and welcoming. There is a sense of pride knowing that ModestPlanet is helping more consumers make better choices. To read the EzVid Wiki article, click HERE and also check out the video too:

About Ezvid Wiki: Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki is the world’s first video wiki, and is now among the top 3,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel has over 155,000 subscribers, and they have informed over $165 million in purchasing decisions to date. The Wiki does not accept any paid sponsorships from brands. Ezvid Wiki does not endorse any product, service, seller, or provider mentioned in any of its articles or associated advertisements.

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