MLK Day – A Moment to Remember

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The time is always right to do what is Right.  -Martin Luther King

Today marks what would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 88th birthday.  While many of us have the day off, it is important to reflect on what Dr. MLK stood for & the importance he has in American history.  Even though I was not alive during the peak of Dr. MLK’s life, I have read much from textbooks and seen many of the movies & documentaries about his life.

What I greatly appreciate about this man was his willingness to take a stand for equal rights, at the time when tension was reaching the highest tension across the country.  For Dr. MLK to be outspoken & to be THE voice for many who felt there voices were never heard, he put his life on the line for a justified cause.  When Dr. MLK passed away, his dream and legacy continued to impact not just the African-American population, but also other minority groups as well.

Being Asian-American, it was the civil rights pioneers like Dr. MLK who made life better for the generations of minorities to follow.  I have been fortunate to be surrounded in a community that is accepting for each other, as this is a result of the work civil rights and equality advocates from many years ago.

As a first-generation American, I did not encounter the issues that many immigrants had to struggle with on a daily basis.  I have heard many first-hand stories about what it was like to move to the USA with basically nothing. Yet, it is stories like these that are so motivating.   Much of my family and family friends have sacrificed a lot to be living in the USA & provide for their families, yet they are proud of living in this country with the freedoms we all have.

What MLK continues to do for Americans is provide Hope that anything is possible & anything is worth fighting for if you believe in a cause.  For me, MLK is a symbol of the perseverance of the American spirit. He had a dream, as we all should have a dream.

Martin Luther King – I Have a Dream


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