5 Reasons Why the First Year of Marriage Goes by FAST!

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Officially, my wife and I have now been married for a year! What an accomplishment (well, it is for us). Whether you just started dating or been married for over 50+ years, maintaining a relationship is one of the most challenging things you do in a lifetime. Marriage Relationships takes trust between all people involved & great relationships make each person feel more fulfilled.

Time flies when you are having fun! The last 12 months have been very fun, hence which is why it is hard to believe that a year has already flown by since we were married! When you meet your true soulmate, it tends to happen…a year goes by in an instant and now it is time to reflect about what happened!

Top 5 Reasons why the 1st Year has gone by FAST!

  1. Cherish time together, miss each other when away:  I travel quite a bit for work. Being on the road means less time at home. I am not the biggest fan of talking on the phone, but when we are physically in the same room I talk her ear off 🙂  Enjoy the time when together & be anxious to see each other when apart.
  2. Communicate: Good, bad, or ugly – we talk about it all. Good conversation is the easy part, it is the BAD/UGLY talks that are difficult. When these conversations come up, I tend to do the following:
    • Think PositiveAnger a part of being human, yet not very useful emotion during a fight!
    • Bigger Picture: Some things are worth talking about, many other things are not.  Think of the big picture and consider whether the issue is worth discussing or not.
    • Breathe: We tend to shorten our breath during tense moments, which cause more stress on the body. Remember to breathe during moments of stress and anxiety.
  3. House life: We purchased our 1st home together, what a process! Home buying has its up’s and down’s. The end result is amazing (OWNING a home), but everything from the start takes patience. It took a few months to finally lock down a house & looking back, the time did go rather quickly.
  4. Eating: I cannot count the number of restaurants that we visited this last year, or the number of home cooking adventures that we had together. We share a “hobby” that we both are passionate about, the rest falls into place #FOODIELOVE
  5. Love Wins! We love each other, simple as that. To a million more years!!!

If you are into wedding slideshows, here is a sub-4 minute clip from our special day, enjoy!

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