Inspiring Video #1 – Happy Weekend!

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In the vast world of YouTube, there are videos that are good, bad, ugly, but also inspirational. I came across the video below & WOW is it so heartwarming!

The video is of 2 brothers who are colorblind, but they both try on a special set of glasses that allows them to see actual colors of their surroundings.  Absolutely amazing reaction from everybody in the video.  For many of us, we take these things for granted, so moments like this make me remember how fortunate I am. #blessed

If you have 4-minutes to spare, watch it here:


I may post these types of videos a weekly basis, as it provides an uplifting positive mood. There so much negative energy being broadcasted in the world today, posting video like these helps us remember there is much more good around us.

Make Today > Yesterday

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