Holidays & My *Crazy* Family

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Museum of Science & Industry

The wife & I went to Chicago for the Christmas holiday, where my sister and her family live.  I am able to visit Chicago a few times each year, but the holidays are the best time to go…the weather is a true winter festival (no snow in NorCal, but it does get down to 30’s degrees) & there are so many holiday lights at each house.

We were staying with my sister and my mother stayed there as well.  It was a full house with 5 adults, 2 little kids, & a St. Bernard dog!  

We mostly stayed around the house, cooked, & enjoyed the holiday. The highlight outside of the house was probably Christmas Eve when we went to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

Even though I grew up in Chicago, I have never been to this museum!  I did not think the museum was going to be busy on Xmas Eve, but it turned out a lot of families visit on this day.  Why? Because the museum has a nice collection of holiday trees from around the world right at the entrance…very nice setting for a family picture.

So why the crazy family??? First, everybody in the house has a dry sense of humor and we are all sarcastic around each other. That said, our jokes towards each other usually push the boundaries. Second, we each like to push buttons (only towards each other). It is kind of a game who can break first & then we get a good laugh from it. Trust me, my family is only like this towards each out and usually very cordial to others.

“Remember, as far as everyone knows, we are a nice, normal family.”

Please enjoy what the Holidays were like for us: Chicago Holiday Video


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