Happy (Lunar) New Years!!!

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Tomorrow (Saturday) marks the beginning of the Lunar New Years (aka Chinese New Years)!!! This year is especially a highlight for me because it is the Year of Rooster.  The zodiac calendar is based on 12 animals (rotates each year) & the Rooster happens to be the animal for the year I was born.

What are the traits of a person born during Year of the Rooster? Personality wise, we are bright, ambitious, & honest. In addition, punctuality is key as we always like to be on time. This is spot-on with my personality since I always remind my friends & family to be on time!

What happens during the New Year celebration?  In Vietnam, the New Year’s is a week-long national holiday. It is almost mandatory to travel to be with your relatives – no matter the distance. While with your family, it is tradition to eat well, purchase new clothing, & clean the house.  These acts are all symbolic to show good health & starting the year fresh.

All throughout my life, I spent Lunar New Years here in the States celebrating with family. However, last year I was able to be with my other family members in Vietnam.  Being in the motherland during the biggest holiday of the year was quite an experience. Because everybody goes home to relatives during the holiday week, many of the busy streets and shops are like ghost towns. A week before Lunar New Years starts, there is a mad rush to purchase all the food and supplies needed for the celebrations.


Everybody rests during Tet – even the furry family!

The message of the Lunar New Years is to remember what is most important in life – Health, Family, & Wellness. By taking a week off for holiday, the Vietnamese have the time to reflect on beginning the year with a new and fresh slate.

Lunar New Years is similar to the month of December here in the USA.  We spend more time with our family, eat merrily, & focus less on work to enjoy time with others.  The Eastern and Western worlds share similar values, which shows that people from all corners of the world are more alike than thought.  Whether you celebrate the Lunar New Year or not, please take time to reflect on what life should be about!

If you like to see what Lunar New Years was like for me last year, see the video below (it starts at the 8:45 minute mark).
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSD4QjHBGwY]

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