Goodbye Canned Beans, Hello DIY Beans!

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In a Environmental Research study in 2016, the study found alarming results of BPA from canned goods finding its way into the digestive system of people consuming from the canned goods.  It is no secret that BPA has been used in canned goods to ensure the metal does not breakdown over time – this practice has been done for decades now. Foods that are commonly canned like vegetables, fruits, & soups were shown to have high amounts of BPA in the human subjects’ body and urinary system. This is a scary issue because of the large amount of consumers who purchase and use canned goods.

What is BPA? From the Mayo Clinic – BPA is an abbreviation for bisphenol A, a chemical used in plastics & resins.  There are many consumer uses for BPA, like the lining for plastic water bottles, sealant for canned goods, and dental work. Through various research and studies, there has been a link with BPA causing several health issues. High blood pressure, breast cancer, & asthma are some of the health issues that have been linked to BPA.


Why is BPA still legal? Health agencies like EPA have cleared BPA of any health issues, given there are many conflicting studies regarding the issue. However, the FDA has taken strides to reduce BPA for consumers. One action the FDA took was banning BPA use in baby bottles, though BPA could still be prevalent in baby canned formula.  With all the conflicting studies on BPA effects on humans, the chemical remains to be deemed safe for humans.

What am I doing about this? Because BPA is a large issue for consumers, more manufacturers are labeling their products BPA-free when the chemical is not used. When you are looking for products that have plastic, look for the BPA-Free callout.

As for my canned beans alternative, we have an Instant Pot pressure cooker that cooks raw beans and many more foods in a fast time. We purchase the beans in the bulk section at various neighborhood grocery stores, so we get a good variety of beans.  There are a lot of recipes that can be made from the Instant Pot, ranging from beans, soups, and slow-cooked foods.

While we do sacrifice time to cook the beans, the canned bean option is not the route we want to use anymore given the BPA issues.


Homemade Bean soup from the Instant Pot

Happy cooking & always look for the BPA-Free options when shopping!

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  • Homemade beans taste better than canned beans too

    Jess February 1, 2017 10:24 am
  • I purchased a slow cooker recently and use that for dry beans now. While it takes longer than a pressure cooker and is more involved than opening a can of beans, I prefer the texture and overall benefits.

    Stills, Words, and Motion February 4, 2017 6:06 pm
    • Same here, the added time and effort just means a higher quality and more nutrient bean! Wish I started using the Instapot sooner!!!

      Modest Health February 5, 2017 8:53 am