Getting Laid Off – Not so Bad!

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To clarifyThis happened nearly 10 years ago in 2008!!! It was NOT my most recent job.
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I used to be employed at a large global corporation many years ago & honestly I enjoyed being there at the time. Until the one day that changed everything, my manager’s manager asked me into his office. It was early in the morning, as I was usually one of the first to arrive at the office & thought being asked into the Director’s office was a good thing…

The Talk
When I went into the office, both the director and HR Representative were sitting down. ***Light bulb*** THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD! The quick recap of the conversation was, “Company is not hitting the numbers, changes needed to be made, we’re sorry but you no longer will be employed here.” Wow, that was like hitting a brick wall!  To make me feel better, HR mentioned about 5,000 other employees across the USA were being “let go” by the end of the week! So I was not the only one, guess I feel better?!?!?

At the time, I imagined myself working for this employer for a long time, but plans changed fast!  I was only a few years out of college, moved across the country for this job, & now I was no longer in their plans. Panic did set in for a few days!  

Blessing in Disguise
One of the main reasons I enjoyed working for that employer was because my fellow co-workers were great to work with. Many of them coached & guided me throughout my employment there & I am grateful that they did.

After the news broke about my termination, one of the co-workers said he has a contact at another company.  It happened to be a small family-owned Organic food company based locally.  So with one phone call, I had an interview scheduled for the following week!   

Long story short – I interviewed & got the job with the Organic company within a few weeks. This is when my life started to take new directions.  When I was working at the large corporation, the only goal was making as much money as possible. Whereas with this small organic company, their approach was much different.  It was not all about the profits, but also how sustainability was just as important.  I started to learn and apply the importance of organic foods, waste reduction in the community, & what corporate social responsibility really should be. This all happened nearly 10 years ago & I have changed for the better from this experience.

Business should not be about the lowest cost possible with the highest profit.  If that is the mindset, there is so much negative residual impact that can occur (i.e. layoffs).

A couple arguments I came across when I told my family that I was accepting a job with a small company:

Better Job Security – I was being asked why I did not try to find another job at another large corporation…because large corporations have better job security! This is a little ironic because I was just laid off by a large corporation.

Truth is from my experience – large corporations have what they call “reorganizations” at least 1-2 times per year. This would usually mean a few people from certain departments would be laid off! There was always a fear that you would lose your job, No Thank you!

At the small company – I never experienced a reorganization that involved letting go of employees. Instead, the “reorgs” were changes to support a growing business. Job security was great at small companies!

Better benefits – The old-school thinking is that large companies have more money to use on benefits (retirement, medical, etc.), but comparing what I had with Large vs. Small company…the small company wins by a landslide.

The small company is privately-owned, so that meant there was no need to report earnings to Wall St., instead the company did offer stock to employees at no cost! How sweet is that?!?!?  At least in my case,  the small company did pay for a better chunk of healthcare costs as well.  Aside from the HR benefits, the office perks were even better! FREE snacks, office was dog friendly, & free use of the Gym…this is something the large company did not offer.

In the end, each of us need to find the right opportunity that fits our individual need. Maybe it was part luck & part timing, but I landed at the right company that helped shape who I am today. TRULY #BLESSED

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