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Over the long MLK holiday weekend, my wife & I planned a getaway vacation to Seattle for


Space Needle

3 days.  We both have been to Seattle before, but it had been many years since the last visit for both of us & we had never been there together.  With the frequent flier miles that I had remaining, I was able to book a free round-trip ticket for myself & a one-way route for my wife.  We left from Oakland, California which is a short flight to Seattle.

Since the vacation was a fairly quick 2-night stay, we did not plan to go outside of Seattle. Perhaps another trip to visit the many parks & surrounding islands of Seattle??? The short time we did have in Seattle, we made sure it would be action packed! Here are the main things we planned:

Eating! Especially the most highly rated restaurants on Yelp. We loved: Piroshky, Piroshky; Paseo Caribbean; & Daily Dozen Donuts the most!
Pike Place Market: Year around market for fresh produce, meats, & seafood. A favorite for visiting tourists.
Space Needle: Probably the most iconic skyscraper building in Seattle, top-level provides panoramic views of the city and beyond.
Kerry Park: Not really a park, but a viewpoint in the hills of Seattle.  Perfect to view downtown & the waterways from a bird’s eye view
Fremont Troll: A large troll located under the 36th Avenue bridge. Apparently, the troll is the center of attention during Halloween.

We were able to accomplish everything on our list! My wife said we walked over 6+ miles on Sunday, which was our only full day in Seattle.  From visiting the Pac Northwest, I want to visit the area more often. The people were so friendly & welcoming & many locals had that Seattle charm.  The area is so visually green too, I guess that is a result of the constant rain that Seattle is known for.  Regardless,  after visiting Seattle, it made me want to explore the area outside of the city.

Seattle & Washington has a reputation for being one of the Greenest & most sustainable regions in the country.  First hand, I saw that many restaurants sourced their food locally, compost bins were placed all over the city, & so many bike commuters braved the cold to get around!

All in all, it was a nice short vacation where I was able to enjoy solely with my wife. Because Seattle was a brief respite for our busy lives, the city was a great place to relax and enjoy the time together.   So enjoy the highlight video below:

Seattle Weekend Video

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