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You are what you eat. Food does matter. –David Wolfe (Expert on Raw & Superfoods)
One of the opening lines in Food Matters

If you consider yourself a forward-thinker when it comes to organic & plant-based food, then you have probably heard of the film Food Matters. This movie was released in 2008 and helped bring about a conversation with the relationship between food, nutrition, & the medical field.  This movie was one of a few food documentaries that I watched when starting to learn more about proper nutrition & organic foods.

Food Matters Trailer

Overall, I thought this movie does a great job of elevating the discussion about how we use/misuse our foods and the dependency Americans have with the healthcare industry. Some of the key points I liked from the movie are:

  • Food system: With advances in transportation & logistics, food from the other side of the world can reach our homes within a couple days.  However, fresh foods that travel long distances start to lose nutrients after being picked.  By the time food arrives to our homes, much of food does not have the nutritional value when first picked.  Today, an apple has less nutrients than an apple from decades ago.
  • Nutrients & Vitamins:  From time to time, the news will talk about a study on how vitamins are not effective or even harmful to consume. One of the experts in the movie counters all these arguments by stating there are no scientific studies proving vitamins are dangerous.  For me, I take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Regardless of what I am told, I feel there is a benefit to taking the vitamins everyday.
  • Medicine: It is no secret that American society is heavily dependent on the healthcare industry.  Often times when we are not feeling well, doctors will prescribe medicine and pills at an alarming rate. There is a perception of taking a pill is the cure-all for the condition.  While I am not opposed to taking medicine to get better, I believe that society has to take more steps to prevent medical issues from arising.  For example, obesity has become a leading health factor in America. Instead of prescribing more pills and surgeries to remedy, we need to increase the education about good health habits & proper nutrition. Healthcare is a big business that has taken advantage of people in need of help.

I highly recommend this movie, as it shows a different perspective on the relationship of Food & Medicine.  The idea is not to embrace everything the movie experts believe, but to hear another side that is seldom expressed.  It does not matter what side you are on, what matters is more discussion is taking place on the topic.

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