First 200 Days of Starting a Green Business

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sc-modestplanet-adRight around June this year, ModestPlanet became a reality (according to the State of California). Starting with one green idea, the business gradually built momentum over the last 6 months. We are still in the beginning stages, yet all signs are pointing to a positive direction.

What I am most happy about is that there is high demand for green sustainable products! It may be evidence that more consumers are getting tired of the mainstream options that are available today.

There has been a lot of learning these past few months, so here are a few that I have encountered during this time:

Have an organized plan: Being prepared is key & the business plan is essential.  I have heard nightmare stories of people starting a business with an idea but no plan…a lot of risk with this.  Having a business plan is a foundation needed to build & grow!

Expect the Unexpected: Whether there are issues with a supplier, customer, or anything else, do not expect for everything to always go smoothly.  Starting a business there are many rules and laws to follow, whether from the legal side or from the selling platform. Just be Flexible and Adaptable to the constant changes and adjust as needed.

Right Positive Mindset: This branches off from the previous point, but this is probably the most important advice (even before the Business plan)! Your attitude will define how the business will be carried out…do you see the glass 1/2 EMPTY or 1/2 FULL?!??!

To grow a successful business, you must remain optimistic because there will be times when things get rough.  Do not take issues personally, respond & resolve quickly and continue to focus on the greater goals.

A good support system: Similar to having a positive attitude, it is important to be surrounded by positive people especially in small entrepreneurial business.  You may have friends or family that will doubt what you are doing, but find the people who will offer support and encouragement…it goes a long way!

So 2016 is almost complete! It has been a whirlwind for me & very much looking forward to a highly-charged 2017!

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