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Way back in 2016, I decided to leave a job where one of the cool perks was an onsite gym. When I left the company, I did not rush to find a local gym in the neighborhood. Rather, I used my home and neighborhood parks as my gym.  With a variety of YouTube fitness programs available and mild California weather, I am able to fulfill my cardiovascular and strength goals.

Over time, I started adding a few pieces of affordable gym equipment that became essential to my workouts. Below are the various home gym equipment that have helped in my fitness and health journey:

Stamina (Doorway) Pull-Up Bar

Stamina Doorway Pull Up Bar - Modest Health

Stamina Pull Up Bar (Pictured: Not me, I Wish!)

This pull up bar is the newest addition to the workout routine. I cannot stop using this simple yet effective bar!  While the bar does have three different uses (pull ups, tricep dips, & ab crunches), I primarily use just for the pull up function.

  • PROS of this equipment are: a) Affordable, under $30, b) simple to assemble & install, c) Feel results immediately! Before I purchased this bar, I had not done pull ups in a long time. Within the first set of pull ups, I felt my lats and biceps going into overdrive. Over the last few weeks, I have been getting better with more repetitions since I can do pull ups anytime now at home. I have the bar hanging in the bedroom doorway just before the bathroom. That way, I can knock out a few reps before heading into the bathroom 🙂
  • CONS: The bar is sturdy as long as it is used correctly. I have no fears about the bar accidentally falling off if I follow directions.  You cannot “jump” and hang onto the bar, this may cause the bar to dismantle from the doorway. Rather, you must secure a good hand grip while feet are still on the ground, then start pull ups. This will ensure the bar does not fall when in the middle of a workout.

Resistance Bands

Reehut Resistance Bands - Modest Health

Reehut Bands – Better than Free Weights?

Instead of having a long line of free weights or dumb bells at home, I depend mostly on a single resistance band for my strength training needs.  Though the band looks simple, it is very versatile in workouts.  From head to shoulders to toes, the resistance band can provide a full body workout, see this 30-minute workout for proof.

The best thing about the resistant band is it’s 100% effective and also compact. I often bring the bands with me when traveling for work or pleasure. If I can spare even five minutes, I pull out the band to perform shoulder presses or bicep curls.

Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Amazon

Basic Yoga Mat

From stretching to abdominal crunches, having a good yoga mat provides a place to lay down when performing ground exercises.  Yoga mats are among the most purchased type of gym equipment, so make sure you get the right one for your needs. The yoga mats come in various thickness, textures, & durability.

For me, I utilized yoga mats for variety of workouts: abdominal exercises, yoga & general stretching, and a few resistance band exercises.  Remember if you use yoga mats, to clean the mats after every workout session. Sweat and dirt can build up an eventually leave a not-so-nice treat!

Adjustable Free Weights

Weider Free Weights

Weider Adjustable Weight Set

Resistance bands are more my go-to for strength training these days, but I still get good use from these Weider Free Weights. What I really enjoy about these weights are the ability to adjust the weight anywhere from 4-pounds (just individual bar) to 40-pounds (all plates on one bar). Because of the adjustments, these free weights are fairly compact to store. Instead of having a line of free weights, this weight set essentially acts as ten different dumb bells built into a single set.

These days, most of the exercises I perform with the free weights are: bicep curls, leg work, & side oblique stretches.  While my use of the weights are minimal, these weights can be used for so much more different weight lifting exercises. I purchased these weights several years ago and still remains in my arsenal of workout equipment…easily pays for itself over the years!

Final Thoughts

If you do not have a gym membership or deciding to workout from home, know that there are plenty of options to have a complete and effective workout from anywhere.  There are plenty of free videos available online, some videos require no equipment at all! Your body weight can be used for resistance training with exercises like push-ups, burpees, ab crunches, and leg squats.  For my workouts at home, I supplement workouts with the above fitness equipment which provides more versatile exercises at a low cost.

Test and experiment with what kind of workouts best suit your needs and build around that. I hope to have a video of a typical workout that I would do available soon. Until then, happy workouts!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to fitness products that I have personally used and recommend based on my experiences. These links go directly to Amazon website, if a product is purchased then a commission is paid to Modest Health. There is NO cost to you & Modest Health receives a small payout, which ultimately helps maintain and create more content for this website. I endorse these product because they have helped in my health journey and beyond. Additionally, please consult a health professional before starting a new fitness program.  

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