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img_7937…but I feel so much better!!! Ok, I am not going to claim that I am a vegetarian.

Let me explain – Since getting back from our honeymoon last month, I have been committed to eating a vegetarian diet. In the past, I would have periods where I eat vegetarian for a couple weeks and up to a few months (depending on how I am feeling & the situation).

The reason why I decide to do this is:
1) Health reasons: Eating meat carries a lot of bad fats that effect my weight, body composition, & overall mood.
2) Cleansing the body: When I go on these vegetarian kicks, I have more energy after a few days and less lethargic from food comas that is usually brought on by the meats.
3) Creative Recipes: I am a foodie and like to cook. Being Vietnamese, eating Pho is in my DNA. So when I have a vegetarian phase, I like to cook different recipes. One of those recipes is my Vegeterian Pho that is pretty close to the meat version.


My Veggie Pho

Which brings me to my next point – eating out at restaurants. Luckily, living in the SF Bay area, most places I eat at are very accommodating with every type of diet restriction…gluten-free, allergies, vegan, local, organic, & more. It is pretty nice to have restaurants be so understanding because it does put more strain on the kitchen to get it right.

When eating in a group, I often get questioned why I am not eating meat as if something was wrong with me. I used to get irked by the questioning, but I found a way to either brush it off or start a *nice* dialogue about it.  Assuming good intent, most of the people are just seeking to understand why.

Full disclosure – I am probably going to go back to the carnivore diet this weekend when the holidays start…I had a good 3-4 week run of vegetarianism, but I will likely return to the diet starting in the New Years!

If you are considering going vegetarian, I suggest taking small steps. Try just one meal at a time, and remember eating vegetarian is not just eating salads! There is a world of options when it comes to a plant-based diet. My favorites are Greek, Indian, & Thai cuisines, as there is a good amount to choose from. So good eating & Happy Holidays!

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