Eating Ramen in Narita Airport – Tokyo Japan

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Ramen at Narita Airport

While heading back from Vietnam last month, I had a layover flight in Narita, Japan airport. The layover was not long enough where I could leave the airport and visit the actual Narita city (like previous layovers), so I settled to walk around the large terminal and enjoy a Japanese Ramen meal.

Eventually, I found the Tokyo Food Bar within the International terminal. There were a variety of food stalls, with the Ramen stall catching my eye.  When I arrived at the stall, there were only a couple people waiting to order. Soon after I ordered the food, the ramen line was 15 people deep! Perfect timing.

The wait after ordering was quick, about 5 minutes later my food was already complete and ready to eat.  Although not the best ramen of my life (best bowl was in Shibuya, Tokyo on a previous trip), it was very food considering this is “airport” food. I ordered the Sapporo Miso Ramen accompanied with a side of gyoza.  Broth was well seasoned and nice consistency, noodles firm with the bite, and egg was perfectly soft boiled. This was a much needed meal before heading back home on a 10-hour flight to the United States.

After finishing the meal, I had about an hour to walk around the terminal. It was quite busy when I was there…most of the duty free shops had very long lines (20+ people deep) and other restaurants had lines out the door.  I was glad that I ate right after arriving, which allowed time to walk and people watch.

If you happen to have a layover in Narita while traveling through Asia, rest assured there is a Ramen place in the airport. You can say that you actually ate Ramen in Japan! Safe Travels.

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