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Happy Holidays all!!! The weekend is about to start (probably has started for a few of you already). While this is time of the year to celebrate with family and friends, there is still time to think about how to keep the Holidays as green as possible. So here are a few tips I collected over time:


Select Ground delivery instead of Air delivery.  While the Express Shipment (airplane) option gets packages sent at a faster rate, airplanes also have much higher CO2 emissions. Per carbonfund.org, Air shipping accounts for 1.3kg of CO2 per Tonne/mile, while ground shipping is only 1/10th CO2 emissions of airplanes. Please spare the air!

holiday-party Use the good silverware & plates: For the holiday parties & gatherings, it is convenient to use paper-plates & disposable utensils, but it may be time to use the good chinaware. Not only will using real plates & utensils add a nice touch of holiday spirit, it will reduce to amount of land fill and waste in the environment.  Remember to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle!
Don’t forget to turn off the outside lights: If you have a home or apartment with outdoor holiday lights, a simple alarm reminder in the morning to unplug the blinking Red & Green holiday lights helps in reducing energy costs during the winter (when electricity bills are typically higher). Better yet, if the outdoor lights comes with a timer, be sure to set on/off at the optimal times.

img_4418Ugly sweaters @ Thrift Stores: Themed holiday parties have become bigger & grander over the years. As such, many clothing retailers have capitalized on this very opportunity.  The ugly & vintage holiday outfits were originally sourced from old boxes in the attic, or from your parent’s stash during the 70’s/80’s :), but retailers today are selling these clothing for a high price.  Instead, try shopping at at the local Thrift  or second-hand store. I’m sure there will be better outfits that will be a hit at the party & a fraction of the cost!

Go Organic! There are many reasons to eat Organic foods (I’ll cover that at a later time), but an important reason is that Organic is not only better for you but also the environment.  So as you are at the grocery store buying for that holiday gathering, remember there are plenty of Organic options available for the winter feast!

Did you know upwards of 70% of US households have purchased Organics over the last year? Mind blown 🙂

These are just a handful of simple tips & advice which can be applied during the upcoming festivities (and hopefully throughout the year). Have any other tips, please share!
Happy Holidays!

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