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When I moved to San Francisco over 10 years ago, I only knew a few things SF was famous for: Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, & Fisherman’s Wharf.  The Wharf area is known for the many dungeness crab stalls that line the Wharf.  While I initially believed the Wharf area is the place to eat the best crab, I was mistaken…

Dungeness Crab is a part of the lifestyle in San Francisco. The start of the crab season is much anticipated for the fishermen and locals.  Crab is so ingrained into this area, a common tradition is to serve dungeness crab during the Thanksgiving and holiday meals for families in the Bay Area. Wow

Thanh Long Restaurant

By the name of the restaurant, you may believe the cuisine is strictly traditional Vietnamese. The owners created a menu with their twist, which has a mix of Californian & Vietnamese.  Thanh Long has been a part of the San Francisco scene since the 1970’s and permanent fixture in the sleepy Sunset neighborhood of SF (located at the edge of the Pacific Ocean).

The restaurant has a vast menu, but the long time specialty is the Roast Crab. Additionally, the most common side carbohydrate to pair with are the Garlic Noodles.  The recipe for the Roast Crab is said to be a guarded family secret. From what I tasted, the core of the seasonings are butter, salt, & pepper for both dishes.  Since the Roast Crab recipe is a secret, there is likely more ingredients that just three.

Year around – Thanh Long is packed at dinner with patrons who are first time visitors and local regulars.  The crab is the most tender and sweetest meat of the Dungeness variety, along with the salt & pepper taste. The crab may sound simple, but the flavor will burst in your mouth! The garlic noodles are a perfect pairing to soak up the flavor & have a nice firm bite throughout.  If you bring your own wine, the restaurant has a low corkage fee of $15.  On our visit, we were comped the corkage fee for the sparkling wine we brought. Score!

For our dinner – the wife and I ordered:

  • Salmon Carpaccio appetizer
  • Roast Crab
  • Garlic Noodles

The couple next to us ordered two Roast Crabs, they were very hungry! No sharing, ha

If you ever visit San Francisco, come and visit the Sunset neighborhood…particularly Thanh Long for the best dungeness crab in the area! It is located on the intersection of Judah & 46th Avenue.

*Just so you know, I was not paid or endorsed for this post.  I just really like the food!!!

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