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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.   –Hippocrates

I was fortunate to visit Barcelona twice this year…once in January for a solo-trip & the second time in November for our honeymoon.  After the solo trip, I was raving to my wife about all the fun stuff to do in Barcelona, so she really wanted to see what all the hype was about. There are many cultural things to see (Barcelona was pretty much Antoni Gaudi’s playground), but the variety and quality of Barcelona cuisine is my favorite reason to visit.  Since we were on our honeymoon, we definitely splurged with the eating and now working off all those calories!

So enjoy some of our eating highlights!

Barcelona Foodie – Video

La Boqueria Market
This open air market is one of the best markets I have ever been too! It is open Monday-Saturday from morning until late afternoon.  The location is perfect for tourist, as it is right in the middle of Las Ramblas (main walking street of Barcelona).  Although it is a tourist area, the prices & food quality in La Boqueria are mostly inline with the rest of the city.  So much different types of foods to choose from, whether you choose to eat in the market or purchase groceries for later.


1 Euro Juices -Food stalls sell pulpy juices around the market. Lots of flavors to choose!


Quick meaty snack – Serrano ham in a cup

Our go-to spot in the market is a restaurant called Quiosc Modern, which serves many of the traditional Catalan tapas.


Razor clams & Potato omelette


Grilled Octopus & Tripe in tomato sauce, divine!

Pinotxo Bar – Stop by here if you can grab a seat, chickpea entrée is highly recommended!


Chickpea dish, made famous when Rick Steves ate here!

Other Eats around town


Duo Salads


Tapas at a local watering hole


Fried squid & Tomato bread (a staple in Catalan meals!)


Grilled Tuna – Yes, that is tuna!

Paella is a well-known Spanish dish around the world. While the dish is more specialized to the city of Valencia, it is highly requested in Barcelona. We tried the Valencia seafood paella at Txikiteo, I still have dreams about this dish 🙂


Valencia Seafood paella

Sweet Treats – Plenty of desserts & pastries to choose from, let your sweet tooth run wild!


Pastry shops on every corner in the Gothic Quarter


Hot Chocolate & Churros @ Dulcinea – Classic dessert and/or breakfast


Xabina – voted #1 Chocolate cake in the world (2005) @ Cafe Bubo

If you consider yourself an adventurous foodie and traveler, Barcelona should be on your bucket list. Great culture, food, & the people are so welcoming, what’s not to love?!?!?

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