A Good Teacher who Inspires – IV #13

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High School Teacher Inspires

The best teachers are the ones that makes learning fun & engaging!  The best teachers are also the ones that teach life lessons along the way.  Meet Mr. Wright, a high school physics teacher who inspires his students everyday – inside & outside the classroom.  High school is often an awkward time for teenagers – dealing with peer pressure,  schoolwork, & life at home.

Mr. Wright helps ease the teenage growing process in several ways:

  • Making Science class fun & engaging
  • Offering to listens to students that are having personal issues
  • Teaching about the power of Love – Mr. Wright’s son has Joubert Syndrome, which is a brain development disorder.

Through his own life lessons raising his family, Mr. Wright re-teaches the same lessons in his classroom. The entire video is worth watching, but the Love lecture starts at the 6:25 mark. Enjoy!

Make Today > Yesterday

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