7-Week Vegetarian Challenge!

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The holidays have ended over a month ago, but it seems like I am still celebrating!  With the vacations to Seattle & San Diego in January, I gave myself a reason to extend the holidays…this thinking back fired on me!


No more meaty Vietnamese meals!

Before the holidays, I had a good streak for eating a vegetarian diet (which I wrote about).  In that post, I committed to eating a plant-based diet again after the holidays. Well, that time is now!  Officially, I started eating vegetarian last week on Friday, February 3rd and will continue to March 26th (possibly longer).

Why 7-Weeks?
March 26 is the day of the SF Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon that I am training for. Between now and race day marks about 7-weeks of eating a plant-based diet.  Now, going vegetarian is not a new thing for me, so I do not anticipate any issues (aside from the craving from time to time).  However, I do believe 7-weeks will be one of the longest stretches eating vegetarian for me.

I already have a weekly training log for the race, but I will start a few posts about all the good foods that I will be eating whether at home or dining out. Hopefully, by the end of the challenge,  I will be feeling much better than I do now.  When I was eating vegetarian, I noticed my energy level was consistently high. Compared to when I ate heavier on the meat side, my energy level was all over the place.  So let’s see what the next 7 weeks brings!

*Featured Image: Curried Tofu Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich) from Cam Huong Cafe in Oakland. It is quite delicious & consider it comfort food for me!

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