4 MUST SEE Eco-Friendly Festivals

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As the Green & Sustainable community continues to grow, there has been a need to exhibit all the different aspects of the eco-friendly movement. Because of this need & interest from the community, hundreds of Green-themed festivals take place each year.  In 2017, there are so many festivals to choose from here in the United States.

So what can be found at these festivals??? Everything! Pretty much like any other neighborhood festival, but focused on the Green community. You can find:

  • Latest Trends in Eco-Friendly Products & Services
  • Panel Discussions from Green Experts
  • Organic Food & Drinks – especially the array of vegetarian delights
  • Music!
  • Meeting more like-minded people (from the just curious to the advanced)

My List of Festivals I Hope to Attend this year include:

*This is hopeful festival for me, as only Industry only invitees are allowed. When I worked for the previous Organic food company, this expo (referred to as “NPE”) was the marquee tradeshow every year.  Every March, Natural & Organic food companies showcase their new products to prospective retailers and distributors before the products hits the shelves.  NPE is such a large scale event there is also a similar event in the East coast in September.  If you work in the Food or Consumer Goods industry, this is a must-do!


Over a 7-day period last year, this Film Festival showed 68 different Green-related films from over 15 countries.  As of this writing, the 2017 lineup has not been released, but there will for sure be some much anticipated films premiering at this festival.  If you live in the SF Bay Area or like to visit the beautiful area, April would be a great time to visit!

This festival has been one of the talked about music festivals for the past few years…not just for bringing in world-class musicians, but also for their sustainability efforts.  While the music is the main attraction, festival organizers also have implemented Green programs like Refillable Water, Farmer’s Market, Green workshops, & Waste Diversion efforts.

Green Festival is America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event.”  I have attended this event several times over the years & continue to be amazed at all the new innovation in the sustainability community. From new products to new ideas, this festival really brings together the best of the community.  If you cannot make it to San Francisco, there are also other Green Festivals across the country on different dates, including:

  • Other Green Festival Locations & Dates
    • Washington, DC: May 13-14
    • New York, New York: June 10-11
    • Los Angeles, California: September 23-24
    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida: December 2-3

Please note, the listed festivals above are local to where I live in order to reduce my carbon footprint. If you internet search “Eco friendly festivals your city” there will be a listing festivals in your particular area.

2017 will be a packed year, but I hope to have the time to attend all the events listed above.  Not only are these great events to attend, these events are great opportunities to learn more about the evolving sustainability movement.

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