3 BIG Reasons why Nominee Scott Pruitt Should NOT Lead the EPA

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With the new President-elect Trump being sworn in later this month, he is finalizing the  team and cabinet that will lead United States policy for the next Presidential term. One of President-Elect Trump’s nomination include Scott Pruitt (currently Attorney General of Oklahoma) for lead administrator of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

When news of the EPA nomination broke, the environmental community caused an uproar because of Pruitt’s past opposition for EPA regulations and policies, along with a few other questionable actions.  What are these actions from the past, please read below…

First – What is the EPA?
This stands for Environmental Protection Agency which was established during the Nixon presidency in the 1970’s.  The purpose of the Agency is to ensure both humans & environment are protected through the means of enforcing laws and policies passed by the government. Such policies include the Clean Air Act & Clean Water Act.

BIG 3 Reasons to Question the Nominee Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Record

  1. Pruitt is not certain Global Warming exists?!?!The EPA nominee has been quoted saying, “Global warming has inspired one of the major policy debates of our time. That debate is far from settled. Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” With Pruitt not having a firm stance on Global Warming, this could lead to relaxed policies aimed to protect the environment.
  2. Pruitt has a Cozy Relationship with Big Oil: Pruitt held a position as Chairman for the Republican Attorneys General Association which receives much of its funding from large fossil fuel companies.  Since 2002, Pruitt has received over $300,000 from non-renewable energy companies. With Big Oil supplying funds for a good chunk of Pruitt’s initiatives, he may not have the best interest for the environment and instead pushing the agenda for Big Oil companies.
  3. Pruitt has Sued the EPA before (13 Times to be exact)Among the several lawsuits that Pruitt has pursued during his political career, the EPA has been one of his favorite targets. Imagine this – you are suing the Agency that you will soon be leading! One of the lawsuits involved the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards aimed limiting Mercury & other pollutants in the environment. In Pruitt’s challenge, he stated that Mecrcury in the atmosphere produces “small, uncertain and in most instances unquantifiable.” For this lawsuit, Pruitt was a leading voice attempting to change limits on Mercury pollution in the air! Simply stunned.

Given the mission of the EPA, does Pruitt sound like a person to lead the Agency? For many concerned citizens, Pruitt does not have the credentials to protect the values of the environment.

Sadly, the nomination will likely clear the Senate in the coming weeks & Mr. Pruitt will lead the EPA into its next generation of environmental policy.

What can we do as individuals?
Continue to live as responsible & sustainable individuals.
Get involved, either with environmental organizations like 350.org or contact your local political representative.
You have a digital voice, Use it! Share your thoughts & Follow influencers on Social Media.

We all have our part to play to keep the environment safe for all, let’s not have one person determine the future of natural society.

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