2017 Will be the Most Sustainable Year…

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Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels.     -Shari Arison, businesswomen & philanthropist


…for me! I posted this picture on the ModestPlanet Instagram page this week. The picture & message from the post are promises to myself to stay motivated to making a more sustainable world.

Looking back at what 2016 was like for me, it was a great year in terms of taking the big steps of: 1) Getting Married, 2) Starting ModestPlanet, and 3) connecting with so many like-minded people.  At this point last year, the 3 milestones above were not priorities at the time…

My wife & I had just gotten engaged, ModestPlanet started to progress in February/March 2016, & the connections started much later. So much can happen in one year!

With that, here are my 2017 Sustainability resolutions!

Environment & Community:

  • Direct volunteer service of at least 20 weeks by end of year.
  • Reduce the home energy bill by 15%
  • Water use reduction by 15%

Business (ModestPlanet):

  • Enhance sustainability tips & advices across all our Social Media platforms
  • Help at least 100 people convert from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes
  • Increase participation in sustainability communities (network groups, conferences, shows, etc.)
  • Donate at least $1,000 to non-profit organizations

Personal Health:

  • Lose weight to a healthy level
  • Eat a plant-based diet at least 35 weeks out of the year
  • Bike more to commute, leave the car at home
  • Less time in front of a screen (computer, TV, etc.)

I started a few of these goals already, so the year has started out strong. Throughout this year, I will post updates on these goals and let you all know how the progress is going. Until then, let us know what your resolutions are!!!

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