10 Vegetarian Meals That Keeps Me Going

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Modest Health - Breakfast

About a month ago, I started a journey to eat vegetarian for a solid 7-weeks. I am currently in the second to last week of the challenge & I feel great!  A couple things I have learned along the way, 1) Plant-based diet does not mean you will sacrifice flavor, and 2) There is probably more variety in vegetarian cuisine compared to a carnivore diet.

So here are the Top 10 Vegetarian Meals that I have savored during the last few weeks:
**DISCLAIMER** View these pictures at your own risk if you are currently hungry…

Modest Health - Pizza

1.  Margherita Pizza from Blaze Pizza

Modest Health - Mex Breakfast

2. Huevos a Caballo (Cheese Enchiladas) from Jovis Diner (San Bernardino, CA)


Modest Health - Pad Thai

3. Tofu Pad Thai from Ontar Thai (Ontario, CA)

Modest Health - Tacos

4. Homemade Tacos


Modest Health - Shandong

5.  Hand Pulled Noodles & Dry Braised Green Beans from Shandong Restaurant

Modest Health - Eggplant

6. Stuffed Eggplant from Bursa (San Francisco)

Modest Health - Dumplings

7. Homemade Veggie Dumplings

Modest Health - Latkes

8. Homemade Latkes


Modest Health - Pho

9. Veggie Pho from Pho Ha (San Bernardino)

Modest Health - Tamales

10. Roasted Corn Tamales from Oakland Farmers Market

If you have never tried going vegetarian (even temporarily like me), I highly recommend at least giving it a try for a meal or two. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from & you will not go hungry.

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